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Giving new meaning to the 'Electric Vehicle'

We’re rethinking the whole concept of how consumers access the power they need, and in doing so we’re bringing electricity to New Zealanders in ways that redefine current infrastructure. 

Vector Brings the Internet of Energy

Partnering with mPrest allows us to manage complex systems in much more sophisticated ways through unprecedented integration of information and operational technologies.

A view from New York

On a visit to New Zealand, Rory Christian, Director of New York Clean Energy at the Environmental Defense Fund, shares his views about the disruption of the energy sector.

Exporting our Expertise: Enhancing generation on the Alice Springs network

Overview of our work with Territory Generation to supply a grid-tied lithium ion battery storage solution on the Alice Springs electricity network.

Dominion Salt

In an Australasian first, Vector Energy Solutions, is working with Dominion Salt to combine a Tesla Powerpack with Dominion Salt’s 660 kW wind turbine at its Lake Grassmere works.

Glen Innes

Summary of Asia Pacific’s first grid scale Tesla Powerpack battery storage system to be integrated into a public electricity network.

A changing field: Technology, consumers, and the energy system

The energy industry has undergone more rapid change in the last 10 years than the previous 50 – the big question is what can we expect in the next 10 years?

Designing and planning the installation of the lights

Looking into the design and planning behind the installation of the harbour bridge lights

Vector set to unleash power of EVs via two-way charging

In yet another innovative first, Vector is introducing a two-way electric vehicle (EV) charger that will transform EVs into mobile power sources for businesses and homes.

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