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Vector Lights post launch run-down

Years of planning, four months of installation, weeks of late-night testing, and countless hours of creative tweaking, came down to a 10-second countdown


This coming Auckland Anniversary Weekend, on Saturday 27 January, Auckland Harbour Bridge will be transformed by the launch of Vector Lights

Powering up Vector Lights: Solar, battery and peer-to-peer.

Taking a look into how Vector Lights is powered.

Designing and planning the installation of the lights

Looking into the design and planning behind the installation of the harbour bridge lights

A symbol of change and a road to growth

The harbour bridge has always been a symbol of change for Auckland. It was built to join the then sleepy seaside suburbs of the North Shore with the busy hub of central Auckland.

10 things you might not know about solar

Did you know Solar energy travels for 93,000,000 miles...

Behold the power of the humble LED

Were powering the Bridge with LEDs and as they use a fraction of the energy of traditional light bulbs, there are energy savings to be made.

Why Vector is Transforming Auckland

Globally, the energy sector is being transformed through innovation and new technology. It’s one of the most exciting times to be involved in the industry and for you as a consumer.

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