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Generators, e.g. solar and wind, enable customers to produce their own electricity.

As the local network operator, we need to know where all generators connected to our network are located and have the ability to isolate them from our network for operational and maintenance purposes. The equipment must also meet safety and operational standards.
Get connected to our network:

Generators with capacity of 10 kilowatts or less (≤10kW) 
Generators with capacity greater than 10 kilowatts (>10kW)

When installing a generator that will be connected to our network, customers are required to work with us under Part 6 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010.

Customers who connect generators to our network can be compensated for their contribution towards offsetting Transpower’s transmission costs. The annual charge for processing a rebate is $1000, so this option should be considered by customers who are likely to inject more than 10kW back into the network during peak periods (typically winter evenings). We have a methodology that we use to determine the transmission costs from Transpower that are avoided as a result of injection of energy into our network by a generator connected to our network. This methodology also considers how these avoided transmission costs are applied to individual generators connected to our network. Please see our Avoided Cost of Transmission Methodology.

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