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We own networks which keep the lights on, the gas flowing and provide data services. If you damage any of these networks you could interrupt critical electricity, gas and communications services.

If you hit any of our networks it could also prove fatal. Power lines and cables - even at low voltages - can kill. A gas pipeline could ignite and the glass used in fibre cables is extremely brittle and can break off and penetrate skin very easily.
So, if you plan on digging on private or public property, or working near overhead lines you must follow the right safe working practices and get:

It takes time to arrange these services, so call us in advance. Allow:
  • Two working days for reference maps and service disconnections.

  • Up to four working days for Close Approach Consents.

  • Up to five working days for high load permits.

  • If disconnection of electricity supply is necessary for the work, a 20 day notice period is required so we can inform customers who will be affected.

If an incident occurs, follow these emergency guidelines.

We have safety guides you can download to help you and your crews work safely:

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