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Update on Planned Outages During COVID-19: Reprioritising planned maintenance

To minimise disruption to people and preserve resources and equipment, Vector is temporarily halting all planned works across its electricity and gas networks to ensure these can be appropriately prioritised during the lockdown period. 

Responding to COVID-19

As a provider of critical infrastructure services, Vector is working hard to ensure we can respond quickly and effectively to ongoing disruption brought on by the covid-19 pandemic.

New Zealand businesses join forces to take on battery challenge

Over 80 businesses have joined forces to tackle the end-of-life issue for lithium-ion batteries. 

Outsmarting Auckland storms

Vector and IBM partner to help keep the lights on during bad weather.

trial of vehicle-to-home technology kicks off in Piha

The first participant in the Piha vehicle-to-home (V2H) trial is now plugged in and ready to go.

$15 in your pocket for Auckland power customers

If you are a family or a business who gets your electricity via the Vector network, you are eligible to receive a payment of $15.

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