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Changes to gas network prices

Gas distribution prices effective from 1 October 2019  

Vector’s gas prices include the cost of distributing gas from First Gas’ transmission network to you across our network.

Our annual price changes are limited under regulation to inflation (Consumer Price Index), plus any under/over recovery from the previous year (headroom) and changes in pass-through costs (e.g. council rates and statutory levies).

From 1 October 2019, we are increasing our gas prices by a weighted average of 1.9% (2.0% for standard prices).

All prices are exclusive of GST.

The price table below is a summary of Vector's gas network prices, for a full description of prices and how they are applied, see or

Prices for standard gas consumers from 1 October 2019 (previous price, if changing)

Consumer group Max. flow
Price category
Price category
Number of
(June 2019)
Mass market   Residential GA0R 105,200 0.38
<10 Business GA01 2,400 0.70
Small commercial 10 to 40 Small commercial GA02 2,900 1.17
Large commercial 40 to 200 Large commercial GA03 1,000 5.14
Industrial > 200 Industrial GA04 150 16.00
> 200 Large industrial GA05 20 209.15
​Pricing Disclosure pursuant to Gas Distribution Information Disclosure Determination 2012 (consolidated April 2018).

If you use natural gas you will have a contract with your gas retailer for the supply of natural gas to your home or business. Your retailer will generally bundle the cost of services, such as the purchase price of wholesale gas, transmission and distribution services, and metering, and provide you with one monthly bill. The retailers will choose whether, how and when this price change is passed through to consumers.
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