Personal / Safety / Damaged network


You can help us keep our network safe by reporting damaged equipment, pipeline or cable exposure - call 0508 VECTOR (0508 832 867).
For example:

Broken or low power lines or damaged poles
Treat all power lines as live at all times and keep everyone well clear of the area (at least 10m away). Refer to in an emergency.

Lines clashing
In high winds, power lines can clash together, making bright flashes, loud bangs and possibly power surges and outages. We can install a separator on lines to prevent clashing. Call us and we'll assess whether a separator is required.

If you hit an underground cable or pipeline
Any damage or denting of a cable or pipe could seriously impact its integrity, or shorten its lifespan. For damaged electrical cables jump well clear, being careful not to touch the ground and the damaged cable, or anything touching the damaged cable at the same time.  For both cable and pipe damage, keep all people well away from the area, and call us immediately. Refer to in an emergency.

If a car hits a pole
If a car has hit a pole and brought down the power lines, the safest way to avoid electric shock is for occupants to stay in the car until help arrives. They should only try to get out of the car if another urgent situation, such as a fire, forces them to evacuate. If they must leave the car before help arrives, they need to jump clear, being careful not to touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Refer to in an emergency.

Items on lines
If you tangle an item on a power line, call us and we'll come and remove it. Never try to remove it yourself.

What to do if you smell gas
Gas is odourless so a distinctive odour has been added to help people detect gas leaks. If you smell gas indoors, call your gas retailer. If you smell gas outside call Vector on 0800 764 764. Refer to in an emergency.

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