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We run networks that distribute electricity and gas across Auckland. We work to keep the lights on for all, by ensuring the safety and reliability of our networks.

Unfortunately, power outages happen due to a variety of reasons. Hundreds of power cuts a year are caused by trees on private properties making contact with overhead power lines or when DIYers hit an underground power cable while digging.

Here’s how you can help to prevent a power outage.

Keep your trees trimmed

Keep your trees trimmed

Trees that come in contact with power lines can cut the power to your house and to your street. All property owners are required to keep any trees located on their property clear of network lines.*


Only an approved utility arborist can work near power lines, you must never do this work yourself. For more information about options to manage your trees, see

For more information on staying safe around the network, visit

* Electricity (Harzards from Trees) Regulations 2003

Check Before You Dig – visit B4UDIG or call 0800 B4UDIG (0800 248 344)

Check Before You Dig – visit B4UDIG or call 0800 B4UDIG (0800 248 344)

Have you ever started digging in your backyard without thinking about what’s underneath? You could hit an underground cable or gas pipe  which could result in injury to you, and loss of service for your neighbours.

Before you dig, request free reference maps which show the approximate location of underground cables and pipes.