Links - This website contains information about climate change - its impacts and implications, and the New Zealand governments approach - Contact Energy's power stations - EECA is the government agency that works to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand's homes and businesses, and encourage the uptake of renewable energy

Electricity Networks Association - The ENA represents the 24 companies in New Zealand that manage the local electricity networks. – This site has information and advice to help you make energy efficient choices – Genesis Energy power generation - Meridian generates from renewable resources – water, wind and sun - New Zealand Geothermal Association - NZ Windfarms is the owner and operator of wind farms in New Zealand. - the discovery and development of the Maui gas field - this site has information about the development of renewable sources of energy sources in New Zealand - Transpower plans, builds, maintains and operates New Zealand's high voltage electricity transmission network - WET-NZ designs and develops wave energy converters - Vector's home solar power system - Vector's smart meters.

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