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For an optimum experience, including reporting outages and notifications we recommended downloading our Outage App.

Current Outages

3 Electricity Outages

= Electricity = Gas


Why are outages so frequent?
My power’s out, why is it not showing on the outage map?
There could be several reasons why there is a power outage at your property, which may or may not be linked to our network. The outage map shows outages where there is a known fault with our network rather than at an individual location.

The best thing to do is to notify us using our outage app on your smartphone, or by calling us on 0508 VECTOR (0508 832 867) and we’ll dispatch a crew to investigate. If multiple customers report an unplanned outage at the same location, this will be reflected on both our outage map and app.
Where can I find information about future planned outages?
Details of Planned outages can change due to various circumstances,  please call us on 0508 VECTOR (0508 832 867) so we can share the most up to date information with you.
How can I get updates about an outage on desktop?
Set the 'Keep Me Updated' toggle for an outage and leave the outage map page open in a browser tab and we will then be able to send you notifications for that outage


Our Vector Outage app allows you to see where planned & unplanned outages are occuring on Vector’s networks. You can also subscribe to updates and bookmark important addresses to get a push notification if there is an outage at or near your address.


A desktop version of our outage map is available above and you can also Contact Us directly.