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The following information applies to customers who generate their own electricity on-site via a small scale generator (10 kilowatts or less) which is, or can be, connected to our electricity network.

Distributed generation capacity - 10 kilowatts or less (<10kW)

Step one: Before you apply


Step two: Apply

Apply using our application form. Please email the completed form to: The application form must be completed by the home owner, or a person authorised to act as their agent.

Within two business days of receiving your application, we will acknowledge receipt of your application (in writing) and send you a reference number.

Step three: Application acceptance/delay

Within 10 business days of receiving your application we will review your application and advise in writing if your application is approved (subject to you providing evidence, within 30 days, that the proposed equipment installation of your distributed generator complies with our technical requirements) or delayed.

Your application may be delayed in processing if:

  • your inverter does not meet our technical requirements; and/or
  • the information provided in your application was not complete.

If your application is delayed because of incomplete information, we will notify you. You will then need to provide us with the outstanding information within 10 business days.

Step four: Connection

Once your application is approved, unless otherwise agreed, your connection will be governed by the regulated terms (Schedule 6.2) and our Congestion Policy.

Step five: Testing and inspection for Certificate of Compliance

Within 10 business days of receiving our approval to connect distributed generation, the equipment must be tested and inspected by a suitably qualified person who can issue a Certificate of Compliance (e.g. a qualified electrician). You must also give us two business days' notice of the testing and inspection date as we may want to send a qualified person to observe. To find a suitably qualified person you can contact

On completion of the testing and inspection, you must provide us with:

  • a copy of a signed Certificate of Compliance outlining the scope of the installation (including reference to compliance with AS 4777.1, AS 4777.2 and AS/NZS 3000); and
  • a documented schedule of the final voltage and frequency protection settings applied to each inverter.

Note - If your installation is unsafe, non-compliant, or your application is incomplete, we reserve the right to disconnect your point of connection to our network until the distributed generation installation is either remedied or disconnected.

Further information

If you require further information or have any questions, please contact us on

Note: Distribution generation is governed by the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (the Code). The Code sets out the rules for how you make an application to connect distributed generation to our network, how we process this application and your rights along the way.


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