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The following information applies to customers who generate their own electricity on-site via a small scale generator (greater than 10 kilowatts) which is, or can be, connected to our electricity network.

Distributed generation capacity - greater than 10 kilowatts (>10kW)

Step 1: Before you apply


Please read the following documents:

Step 2: Initial application

Apply and send initial application payment fee - Initial application form for connection of distributed generation (>10kW)

Check the inverter you are installing has been pre-approved for connection to our network. If the inverter you want to use is not on our approved list your application may take longer to process. See the full list of inverters and technical requirements here.

Step 3: Further Information

We will contact you to acknowledge your application and to discuss any further information or design work that will be required.

Step 4: Final Application

Submit your final application for connection - Final application form for connection of distributed generation (>10kW).

Step 5: Notice to proceed

Once your final application is approved, you will need to confirm your intention to proceed via return email to

Step 6: Connection Agreement

We will contact you to negotiate a connection agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached you will be connected on the regulated terms (Schedule 6.2). Once the terms and conditions of connection are agreed, we will give approval for you to connect.

Step 7: Connect

Connect your distributed generation system.

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