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Solar electricity is a simple, affordable and planet-friendly way to help power your home.
With a Vector Solar system you can take greater control of your energy by harnessing the power of the sun. This is a great way to help control a major household expense and move towards becoming more self-sustainable. Find the Vector Solar system that's right for you here.

How it works

On your roof, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Then an inverter turns that into the power your home appliances need.
With Vector you can connect your system to the electricity network so you could have the option of selling unused electricity back to your electricity retailer.



How much electricity could I make?

According to our panel manufacturer's specification, under optimal conditions (which could be impacted by factors such as weather, set-up and any panel degradation over time) you could make 2,800kWh of electricity per year for every 2kW of panels you install. If this was all consumed within the home, at today's electricity prices* this would be worth:


Vector Solar savings per system size:

* Based on the average New Zealand sales-based electricity price of $.2812 /kWh, as published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as at March 2016.
This electricity could help run:

  • Heaters to warm up your living rooms and bedrooms on winter days
  • Air conditioning to cool your house in the summer
  • Your spa or pool pump
  • An electric hot water cylinder to heat your water during the day
  • Your fridge or other appliances that are always running