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Congratulations to our winners Eloise, Ava, Amelia & Sophie. We’d also like to congratulate the runners up, Cohen, Nathan and Nikita for your brilliant submissions.
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Cockle Bay School

SPACEtacular Energy

My idea is to collect energy from the Sun in space using solar-paneled satellites. The energy will be sent to Earth using wire cables or stored in a battery and collected by a rocket shuttle. We can even sell or share the energy with other countries!
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Bucklands Beach Intermediate

Thermal Generator

My idea is powered by thermal differences. The wires connect the two different temperatures together with a measurement meter. The thermal differences will generate ELECTRICITY! We can apply this concept on the WORLD! Countries next to the EQUATOR have HOT temperature, whereas in the SOUTH POLE, it has COLD temperature. We can put HUGE thermal detectors in one of the countries near the EQUATOR and then put another HUGE thermal detector in the SOUTH POLE. Then we can connect these two HUGE thermal detectors using wire to NEW ZEALAND for energy storage. In this way we can have lots of RENEWABLE and CLEAN energy and then we can share and sell our energy to others.
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Bayfield Primary

Catch It Net

My idea is to collect all the rubbish in the ocean in a environmentally friendly way. The Catch It Net is powered by water and is designed to collect a majority of the rubbish in the ocean. It can sense from the current if the object is rubbish or natural to the ocean. The net has very high technology and has all the data it needs already loaded in to it. When it finds the rubbish the clasps come out from the wiring to keep the rubbish in place. The net can hold the rubbish there for years until It reaches its highest capacity and then it self stears back to its base.
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Westmere School

Project Gadget +

Project Gadget + is an electronic cantraption run on energy generated by plants and the soil. Plant energy is 100% reusable and 100% ecologically friendly. We hope that plant energy will become the earth's MAIN source of energy and also help stop and reverse climate change. Plant energy is a newly discovered source of energy. It is natural, easy and all you need is a plant and soil. Plant energy and therefore Project Gadget + will help the earth by not only stopping smoke from all the machines that we use to make energy now, but it will help us grow more trees and plants which will help restore our environment.
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Glamorgan Primary

Solar Fidget Spinners Powering House

Today I invented something cool. I was drawing an electric fidget spinner idea on Santa's card (asking for a sphero or water proof shower radio). Mum asked how it worked. I said (unprompted) it either has an electric circuit, solar panel, battery case and an on and off button. Mum asked how it could be used for good to make power. Well, there could be a whole bunch of fidget spinners in a row connected together outside in a plastic case in your garden. They can get power from the sun and spin to power ya lights. Yeah. They can all be connected to a USB. When they spin all the light bulbs go on cause they have solar panels. They can sell them at the shops they would actually be 100 dollars yeah. Zack.
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Glamorgan Primary


I invented the HeliBand to help Mum stand up she hurt her back and it was getting stuck. She wore it around her wrist like a band, and the heli part of it was powered to help pull her up. I have put a photo on. This is my first design using just paper, scissors and a stapler. Mum said how could it get power? thats good. Well, to get power for it it could be plugged into the spin bike in the lounge and ridden by someone like me without a sore back. I also get healthy exercise. Thats my invention, by Cooper.
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Westmere School

Electricity Generating Rotators

My idea is that we put electricity generating rotators across the harbour bridge. They will spin every time a car crosses the rotators. It will spin them which will spin an axel. This will produce energy for streetlights, engineering, houses, digital services, lamps and cities. But most importantly in the future when we all drive electric cars it will power-charge your car. So when one car goes over the the rotators it gets charged and also makes power for the next car. Every day 200,000 cars cross the bridge. 8,333 cars travel every hour. Astonishingly this is 2.3 cars per second! As you can see that is a lot of cars travelling over the Auckland Harbour Bridge every day to spin electricity generating rotators to make the power.
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Takapuna Primary School

Pedal Power Phone Charger

My idea was to charge a smart phone using my BMX as the power source. I repurposed an old Dynamo generator for the 21st Century. The generator gives off AC power but the smart phone needs DC power so I used a bridge rectifier to change from AC to DC power. Also beside the bridge rectifier there is a voltage regulator to regulate the voltage to 5VDC, along with multiple capacitors to smooth out the voltage.
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Churchill Park School and ACG

Science News

Our entry features a cargo ship. This cargo ship has had many additional features added onto it! In the middle of the ship ther is a large battery with cables connecting to many different energy sources. But what are these energy sources? The first feature is solar panels on top of the cabin - sunlight shines on the panels producing energy! Secondly we have lightning rods as ships go through the sea they encounter lightning but when the lightning hits the rod it produces energy for the boat. Finally we have a windmill, this windmill produces energy by generating power from the wind, which sends it to the large main battery. Thank you and please consider our idea!
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Takapuna primary school

Solar powered heater

Solar powered heater😜🥇 easy to save power.
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Windy Ridge School

The Solar Plane

It's a new way of transport and to get power. And it's fun. I made my entry on Minecraft.
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Hingaia Peninsula School

Light Sculptures

The Grass is made into bio-gas and then electricity. The electricity can power lights in parks and sculptures. It can also power cool things like electric cars and trains. The lights can make parks, the waterfront, city streets, buildings, power pylons, motorways and many more places interesting, colourful, bright and inviting.
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