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Update on Vector’s load control practices

Update on Vector’s load control practices, following changes made by the Electricity Authority to the way transmission costs are allocated between New Zealand’s energy consumers.

Vector to pass Loss Rental Rebate credit to Aucklanders

Vector has today announced it will pass on an expected credit of $30 to Auckland electricity account holders, as payment of this year’s annual Loss Rental Rebate surpluses.

Interest rate for Capital Bonds

Vector Limited (Vector) announced today that the interest rate on its Capital Bonds (VCT080) for the period from 15 June 2022 until the next election date on 15 June 2027 will be 6.23% per annum. 

Vector announces outcome of Capital Bond election process

On 3 May 2022, Bondholders were sent an Election Notice and explanatory notes containing information about the new interest rate applicable to the Capital Bonds for the period from 15 June 2022 until the next election date of 15 June 2027 and details of Bondholders’ election options.

Appointment of new COO Metering & OnGas

Vector today announces the appointment of Neil Williams as the new Chief Operating Officer for Metering and OnGas.

Vector Limited Capital Bonds – Election Notice

Vector Limited (Vector) currently has on issue unsecured, subordinated capital bonds (Capital Bonds) (VCT080) subject to the terms of the trust deed dated 25 September 2002 (as amended) (Trust Deed).

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