Vector's Carbon Handprint

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Introducing Vector's Carbon Handprint:

We regularly hear the term 'carbon footprint' and most of us have become quite aware of what it is and how we can look to reduce it.

The carbon handprint is how Vector helps to enable others to lower their carbon footprint.

If you think of your carbon footprint as the total emissions caused by your everyday activities, then think of the carbon handprint as the solutions and tools that Vector is developing to help you reduce your emissions and your footprint.
What is Vector doing:

Here at Vector we’re committed to creating a cleaner energy system that is reliable and affordable for our customers. Here’s’ a small summary of a few of the projects that we’re working on to ensure we achieve our vision of the new energy future:
  • Understand our customers future needs, through research - our electric vehicle (EV) smart charging trial in Auckland is an example of our handprint in action. Smart solutions like this will enable car owners to switch to EVs knowing they will be able to charge them reliably and keep power affordable for all. See more about the EV smart charging trial in this webinar that was presented by the team, earlier this year.

  • Global technology collaborations -  we’ve been collaborating and working with global technology companies and thought-leaders to develop new solutions that embrace innovation, data and digitalisation. 

    • As a strategic alliance partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have been working closely with them for the last few years on the development of a new energy platform (NEP). The NEP is a cloud-based analytics solution for the energy industry, which will radically improve the way we collect and process energy consumption data, with the aim of delivering clean, affordable and reliable energy options. 

    • We have announced our strategic collaboration with X, the moonshot factory, who we’ll be working with on a moonshot project called Tapestry to develop the tools and modelling that are needed to manage the networks of the future, as we recognise all the significant changes that will occur, alongside the challenge of decarbonisation. This project is helping us prepare now for the changes that are to come, and more specifically, it helps to get more distributed generation like solar and battery storage, into our network. 

  • Delivering sustainable and innovative energy solutionsVector Powersmart delivers solar and battery energy solutions to commercial customers in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. This part of the business is dedicated to providing smart renewable solutions that help business achieve their own energy emission goals. Take a look at New Zealand’s first floating solar project that Vector Powersmart worked on with Watercare. 

  • Efficient and cost-effective solutions for a healthy home - we provide home heating solutions through our HRV business that enables people to make energy efficient choices. HRV is also an approved supplier of The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) Warmer Kiwi Homes programme, offering grants covering up to 80% of the cost of an installed heat pump if you live in Auckland and own your own home. See if you’re eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes grant.

  • ‚ÄčMeasuring methane leaks - In New Zealand, Methane gas leaks are responsible for 2.5% of energy sector related greenhouse gas emissions. Following some recent work within the gas team, we have created new and improved ways to monitor emissions more closely. The teams have created a scientific based model which gives a much more detailed analysis of specific areas of the network. As part of this, we have found that approximately half of our direct emissions from the Vector Group came from methane leaks and gas pipes, which means we can focus on making improvements in this specific area. We hope to scale this methodology across the sector to allow for greater emission reductions. 

The carbon handprint and our Symphony strategy:

Vector’s long-term vision is to create a new energy future. This means moving towards a clean energy system while delivering reliability, affordability and choice for customers. This Carbon handprint is an example of how we’re taking action to enable customers to reduce their emissions.