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We own the network lines that deliver power to Aucklanders, from Wellsford to Papakura. Our network consists of more than 18,000kms of overhead lines and underground cables. We continuously innovate and seek out new technologies to support Auckland's growth.

Future-proofing the network

We are adding batteries to our network. We have installed the first Tesla Powerpack battery in New Zealand in our Glen Innes substation. These batteries will help us manage peak load on the network and strengthen the power supply.

Continual improvement              

Our electricity network is already 99.98% reliable and we invest tens of millions of dollars every year on maintenance and improvement programmes to keep it that way. We use the latest technology to maintain our network, e.g. we listen to the sound of electricity passing through our network to pick up issues that might not be visible in visual inspections. 

Managing power outages

All networks can be affected by unplanned outages, whether lines are above or below ground. Technical problems or equipment failure can cause outages, but often the problem is caused by extreme weather, trees touching or falling onto lines, car accidents involving power poles and other equipment, and damage by excavation or construction work.

Rural customers are more likely to experience an outage, and one of longer duration than urban customers. This is because rural lines are more exposed to weather, trees and animals. Also, when an outage occurs there are fewer alternative lines available to restore power while the issue is fixed.

Who’s your contract with?

We provide network services to your electricity retailer, who will have contract directly with you. More information about our contract with your retailer & standards you must meet can be found here.