Investors / Bonds


Details of Vector's bonds that are listed and quoted on the New Zealand Debt Market (NZDX).

Capital Bond

On 5 November 2002 Vector issued Capital Bonds with an original term of four years. On 15 June 2012 (second election date) Vector reset the terms of its NZD$307.205 million Capital Bonds. The key terms of the reset bonds include:

  • Interest rate: 7.00%

  • Next election date: 15 June 2017

Interest payment dates: 15 June and 15 December
NZDX ticker: VCT070 (Original capital bonds ticker: VCT010, Second capital bonds ticker: VCT040)

The current terms and conditions can be found in the Vector Capital Bonds Explanatory Notes and Deed of Amendment of Capital Bond Trust Deed 2012.

To view the current price of the Capital Bonds please visit the NZX's website.