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Vector Lights for World Energy Day: Historic Milestones

In celebration of World Energy Day, Vector Lights on Auckland Harbour Bridge will light up this week with a story about New Zealand’s pioneering energy past, and our hope for a new energy future.

Planting smart to help prevent power outages

The Vector Urban Forest is a promise from Vector to plant two native trees for every tree we cut down to protect Auckland’s powerlines.

Consumer-centric technology a key factor in enabling New Zealand’s new energy future

Vector is backing a more holistic approach to energy resilience amid mounting evidence that new technology will play an ever-increasing role in meeting customers’ evolving energy needs.

Lessons from the UK electricity pricing review

Internationally renowned regulatory economist Martin Cave was in New Zealand this month to share insights from the UK’s retail electricity pricing review.

OnGas Papakura Bottle Swap plant

The new Bottle Swap plant at Hunua Road in Papakura was built to fulfil the market need and demand for Ongas bottles around the country.

5 facts to get you up to speed with the latest trends in electric vehicle charging

With the trend in electric vehicles (EVs) continuing to rise, it’s clear EVs are going to be central to achieving a clean green future for New Zealand.

Vector Lights for Matariki Festival 2018

Vector Lights' first Matariki Festival light show tells the story Te Kawerau a Maki. Learn more about this story.

Vector Lights on Anzac Day

In collaboration with the RSA, Auckland Harbour Bridge will join more than 80 events across the region in paying tribute to those who served their country in the First World War and other conflicts.

Joining the dots on the humble LED

Vector’s New Technology Engineer Kate Murphy shines a light on history and the impact that little things can make on energy reduction at scale.

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