Keep yourself safe from scams.

Keep yourself safe from scams.

Scams affect thousands of New Zealanders every year. While we hope it doesn’t happen to us, there are ever-increasing numbers of scams out there, and they’re becoming more and more sophisticated. 

Being aware of potential threats is the first step in protecting ourselves against fraud. 
Here are some general tips on how to avoid scams.

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  • Be careful where and with whom you share your personal details.

  • Only give personal information to people and organisations that you trust.

  • Beware of emails from companies that you don’t know.

  • Check who’s emailing you. Does the address look legitimate? If you’re not sure, give them a call to check

  • Do not reply to, or click on, links in suspicious looking emails.

  • Where possible, manually type in, or copy a web address as opposed to directly clicking on links.

  • Keep your computer’s security software up to date.

What you can expect from Vector:
By phone: When a customer service representative contacts you by phone, they will confirm that they are from Vector and will explain why they are calling. Where relevant, they will quote a case reference number.

By email: We will never ask you for a password in an email. While you may receive emails from different areas of the business, the email addresses will end in 

Where we include a clickable URL in an email it will follow the form 

By SMS (text messages): We will never ask you to confirm any personal details via SMS. Where we include a clickable URL in an email it will follow the form   e.g. 

In person: We will always introduce ourselves as being from Vector and show you our company ID card. We will also explain what we’re here to do. We will never ask for payment.

Remember if something doesn’t feel or look quite right, it’s probably not. If you suspect someone is trying to scam you in relation to Vector or its services, please report it by calling us on 0508 832 867.

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