Business / Electricity / Smart Energy Use


Use less power
Our line charges include a variable component. This means, the less electricity you use, the less you pay. For tips on how to use less electricity and save money on your power bill visit EnergyWise.


Go Solar

Solar energy is a simple, affordable and planet-friendly way to help power your business. On your roof, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Then an inverter turns that into the power your business needs.

If you require a solution for a business, see how we’ve delivered the very latest solar technology at the Ecostore, and Lily and Louis PR in Freeman's Bay, to create one of New Zealand's first net zero energy commercial buildings.

Smart metering

Manage your power use and save money with a smart meter. Benefits include:
  • An accurate bill that reflects the energy your household has used
  • Better information about your power usage
  • Helps you make changes to ensure more efficient usage
  • No need to give meter readers access to your property
To get a smart meter installed contact your electricity or energy retailer.