Customised solutions for your next development


We deliver power safely and reliably.


Provides instant heat and is a clean, efficient energy source.


Harness the power of the sun with Vector solar.


The Tesla Powerwall will help revolutionise the way energy is consumed.

Building near our network?

We own networks which keep the lights on, the gas flowing and provide data services. If you’re thinking about developing near our network you must follow the right safe working practices.

Be prepared for an outage

Be prepared for an outage

Any network in the world - regardless of its location - can be affected by an outage. 

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Sharing is caring: new restrictions on EV chargers

We're introducing charge time restrictions at a few of our high demand charging sites to ensure everyone has a chance to charge up.

Market Release: Vector Expands Its Energy Solutions Business

Announcement from Vector about another step in its strategy to deliver, sufficient energy solutions to consumers.

Fixing storm damage - a big job

Lots of work goes into getting the power back on after a big storm. Helicopters, diggers, high ropes - it's all in a day's work for our fantastic crews.