Safety around our Network

We are taking a lead in how the energy industry manages the risks inherent in working and living around electricity. We have stopped live line work where possible and will shut off power when notified of low hanging or downed power lines.

When alerted to a low hanging or downed line, we will remotely shut down power to that area, before crews arrive on site. Stopping live line work where possible extends to both planned and outage maintenance. As a precaution you should still treat lines as live at all times. You should never approach downed or low lines without approval from emergency services or Vector crew attending on site.

Our crews have access to bus lanes to minimise travel time to any incident and we are looking at new technology options to minimise the impact and disruption for customers.

Low hanging or downed lines may be ours, other utilities’, or customers’, but it is best to turn the power off as a precaution until crews get to site to check for safety.

Our new safety protocols may lead to a few more outages, but we believe Aucklanders will agree with us that keeping our people and the public safe is worth it.

You can do your bit by keeping your service lines maintained, including your trees around our lines and reporting damaged network lines and equipment to us.

For more safety information around our network click here.


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Our approach to health, safety and environment

Our approach to health, safety and environment

We want to be recognised as setting the standard for Health, Safety and Environmental leadership for New Zealand businesses.
Our management of health, safety and the environment is underpinned by key policies (Health and Safety, Process Safety, Environmental, Rehabilitation and Drug and Alcohol).