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Undergrounding & Other Projects

Growing for Auckland

Auckland is growing rapidly, with demand for thousands of new electricity connection points each year. We work closely with a number of companies on projects to meet this demand and each year we invest tens of millions of dollars upgrading assets, technology and information systems relating to our networks.


Electricity and gas in new subdivisions

We are working on new subdivisions where all of the infrastructure will be underground. This ensures a modern environment for these new dwellings.

Equipping the subdivisions with both gas and electricity provides choice and flexibility for new residents allowing them to take advantage of new energy technologies. Check out our electricity and gas pages to find out how to get these energy services into a new subdivision.


Undergrounding of power lines

So far, more than 300 undergrounding projects have been completed, and around 72.3% of power lines in communities all over Auckland, Manukau and northern Papakura are now underground (as at March 2024).

Some of this is funded through our agreement with our majority shareholder, Entrust, with whom, under our deed, we have committed to spend $10.5 million a year on undergrounding and new technologies.

Recently completed projects - St Heliers undergrounding

The St Heliers undergrounding programme, which began in January 2022, is now complete. In total 420 power poles and associated overhead lines have been removed and replaced with new underground cables and new Auckland Transport streetlight stands.

Selecting areas to underground

We use a number of criteria to select areas for undergrounding, including:

  • the condition of the lines and equipment in the area

  • performance history (capacity and outages)

  • the number of customers who will benefit

  • the level of other utility works planned for each area

All new residential developments since the late 1960s were undergrounded at the time of construction. This means parts of Auckland, such as South Auckland, have a significant proportion of the network underground already.

Entrust was formed as part of reforms to the electricity industry in 1993 and represents electricity consumers that were served by the Auckland Electric Power Board (AEPB) in the former Auckland, Manukau and Papakura areas. Our deed with Entrust does not extend to the northern part of our network in the former North Shore, Waitakere and Rodney areas; we purchased this part of the network in 2002.

'Dig once' policy

Along with undergrounding power lines, we are working together with Auckland Transport and Chorus so other services are included at the same time to limit disruption.
This means areas may also benefit from new street lighting and undergrounded telephone services at the same time.



before.jpg after.jpg
2023/24 St Heliers
Parau Street, Three Kings (part of the street)
Glenfell Place, Epsom
Lawrence Street, Herne Bay
Campbell Road, Maraetai

St Heliers
Craig Road, Maraetai
Carlton Crescent, Maraetai
Upton Street, Herne Bay
Galatea Terrace, Herne Bay
Parau Street, Three Kings (part of the street)

2021/22 St Heliers
Mt Albert
Crayford Street West, Avondale
Brookfield Street, St Heliers
2020/21 Mt Albert
Powell Street, Avondale
Laings Road, Bucklands Beach
Bucklands Beach Road, Bucklands Beach (part of the street)
2019/20 Mt Albert
Powell Street, Avondale
Ngahue Drive, Stonefields
Norwich Street, Eden Terrace
Bella Vista Road, Herne Bay
Ruskin Street, Parnell
Selwyn Street, Onehunga (part of street)
2018/19 Franklin Road, Freemans Bay
Station Road, Otahuhu
Alba Road, Greenlane
Sarsfield Street, Herne Bay
Taurarua Street, Parnell
Rahiri Road, Mt Eden
Coronation Road, Mangere Bridge
2017/18 Franklin Road, Freemans Bay
Massey Road, Mangere
Station Road, Otahuhu
Alba Road, Greenlane
Cowie Street, Parnell
St. Georges Road, Avondale (part of street)
Garnet Road, Westmere (part of street)
Stack Street, Herne Bay
Sarsfield Street, Herne Bay (part of street)
Bell Road, Remuera (part of street)
Carbine Road, Mt Wellington (part of street)
Morgan Street, Newmarket
2016/17 Alberon Street, Parnell
Burwood Crescent, Remuera
Bell Road, Remuera
Glanville Terrace, Parnell
Franklin Road, Freemans Bay 
Massey Road, Mangere 
2015/16 Pakuranga suburb
Wharua Road, Remuera
Mt St John Ave, Epsom
Costley Street, Freemans Bay
2014/15 Golf Road, Epsom
Queens Drive walkway, Oneroa
The Strand, Parnell
Waima Street, Newton
Seventh Ave, Waiheke
Pakuranga suburb
2013/14 Meola Road, Westmere
Garnet Road, Westmere
Buckley Walkway, Epsom
Sandspit Road, Cockle Bay
Vickerman/Don, Flat Bush
Hattaway Ave, Bucklands Beach
Moana/Craig/Te Pene, Maraetai
Godden Cres, Mission Bay
Seaview Road, Remuera
Arney/Bassett, Remuera
Arthur Street, Freemans Bay
Mt. Smart/Mays, Onehunga
Hillside Cres North, Mt Eden
Waiatarua Road walkway, Remuera
Sentinel Road, Herne Bay
2012/13 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga
Jamaica Place, Blockhouse Bay
Neligan Ave, Kohimarama
Chinaman's Hill, Grey Lynn
Surrey Cres, Grey Lynn
Lynbrooke Ave, Blockhouse Bay
Victoria Ave North, Remuera
Victoria Ave South, Remuera
Hillside Crescent North, Mt Eden
Conway Road, Mt Eden
St James Street, CBD
Dunedin Street, St. Marys Bay
Old Mill Road, Westmere
Ocean View Road, Waiheke
2011/12 Margaret Street, Freemans Bay
Keith Ave, Remuera
Platina Street, Remuera
Belvedere Street, Epsom
Withiel Drive, Epsom
Randolph Street, Newton
Gill Crescent, Blockhouse Bay
Jamaica Place, Blockhouse Bay
2010/11 Manurewa suburb
Dingle Road, St. Heliers
Benbow Street, St. Heliers
Basque Road, Newton
Westwood Terrace, St Marys Bay
Bel Air Drive, Onehunga
Ryle Street, Freemans Bay
Gunson Street, Freemans Bay
Georgina Street, Freemans Bay
Wood Street, Freemans Bay