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Vector Arena

As the largest indoor venue in New Zealand, Vector Arena has found its place on the international tour circuit, and regularly appears on the Top 10 lists of venues for its size in the world.

At maximum capacity, Vector Arena seats up to 12,000 people but reduction curtaining and retractable seating makes it one of the most versatile venues in the country.

The venue boasts 54 tonnes of lighting and sound equipment, enough to stage the biggest shows in the world.

Since opening, the arena has seen international stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rod Stewart and Selena Gomez perform as well as several Disney on Ice productions, SKYCITY Breakers matches and sell-out performances of Walking with The Dinosaurs.

Vector is proud to be the naming rights sponsor for this world-class facility and to be associated with another piece of infrastructure central to New Zealand's entertainment scene.

For more information on Vector Arena and upcoming shows visit www.vectorarena.co.nz.




Vector Wero White Water Park

Pumping 20 million litres of water through New Zealand's first man-made white water park takes a fair amount of power, so it is fitting that Vector, the country's leading energy company, is the main sponsor.

Vector group chief executive Simon Mackenzie officially opened the water valves in March 2016 at Vector Wero Whitewater Park in Manukau, South Auckland, before the $40 million facility was officially opened by The Prime Minister in April of the same year.

Vector is delighted to be associated with the country's first and only white water park, a world-class facility that will attract hundreds of thousands of local and international visitors and was more than 15 years’ in the making.

"It was vital to have the support of Vector to ensure this iconic project came to fruition," said Vector Wero Whitewater Park General Manager, Ian Ferguson, at the opening event.

Vector Wero Whitewater Park includes the world's first man-made 4.5-metre waterfall, modelled after the popular Okere Falls in the Bay of Plenty.

The grade 3 to 4 white water course is an Olympic standard run that challenges the world's top kayakers and rafters. The grade 2 to 3 run is perfect for novices, school students and people wanting to build their confidence.

The entire complex, including Vodafone Events Centre, is managed by Second Nature Charitable Trust, formerly Counties Manukau Pacific Trust.


Fun construction facts:

  • The park includes 6,200m3 of concrete – that's more than 1,200 truckloads!

  • If the reinforcing steel was laid end to end in a straight line it would go from Auckland to Napier (520 tonnes)

  • The lake that feeds the pumps will hold 20 million litres of water

  • The ‘River Rush' Grade 3 to 4 water course will have the equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool being pumped down it every 95 seconds.