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Powering Change for the future of Aotearoa

We’ve teamed up with other New Zealand energy companies to create Powering Change, a collective commitment to a more sustainable future for Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Vector Powers Up NZ’s First Electric Bus Depot

It’s an exciting milestone for decarbonisation - New Zealand’s first fully electric bus depot in Panmure, a joint project with Auckland Transport, NZ Bus, Kinetic and Vector.

Digital gas meters on the rise

Vector Metering is bringing ‘smart’ metering services to gas, with the successful deployment of more than 20,000 digital gas meters - and many more to come.

University Students Transform Gas Data Systems

It's an A+ for the new gas flow data dashboard created by our 2022 student interns.

EV Smart Charging Trial

To get a greater understanding of customer EV charging behaviour and the network requirements for at-home charging, we ran a 2-year trial of 200 Auckland EV users. Find out what we learned.

Vector Electrifies Auckland Bus Depots

This project with Auckland Transport aims to lower emissions and increase efficiencies.

Vector's Carbon Handprint

Learn about Vector's carbon handprint and how it enables others to lower their carbon footprint

Shailesh Manga's Keynote at Amazon Web Services Summit 2022

Vector's Chief digital officer Shailesh Manga talks about Vector’s own transformation story at the AWS Summit in Sydney

Are you interested in providing innovative solutions to help us build the electricity network of the future?

As energy systems around the world change to meet the rapidly evolving demands of electrification, decarbonisation, reliability, and affordability, non-wires alternatives must be integrated with traditional infrastructure in a ‘best of both worlds’ approach.

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