Investors / Governance


Our board of directors is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring transparency and fairness and recognising the interests of our stakeholders.

Our governance framework takes into consideration contemporary best practice standards in New Zealand. The board of directors has met and reviewed Vector's corporate governance charters and policies against the:

  • Financial Markets Authority's Corporate Governance Principles and Guidelines; and

  • NZX Limited's Main Board Listing Rules, including the NZX Corporate Governance Best Practice Code.


A summary of Vector's corporate governance policies and practices in the context of the Financial Market Authority's Corporate Governance Principles, as well as the obligations contained in the NZX Limited Corporate Governance Best Practice Code can be found in how Vector is Achieving Corporate Governance Principles. For further information, please see our Annual Report.

Our key corporate governance documents are divided into three sections - Constitution, Board and Board Committee Charters and Policies - and are available by clicking on the links below:




Constitution of Vector Limited


Board and Board Committee Charters

Audit Committee Charter

Board Charter

Nominations Committee Charter

Regulatory Committee Charter

Remuneration Committee Charter

Risk and Assurance Committee Charter

Sustainability Committee Charter



Code of Conduct and Ethics

Continuous Disclosure Policy

Director and Executive Remuneration Policy

Directors Code of Practice

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Environmental Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Insider Trading Policy

Process Safety Management Policy

Remuneration Policy

Reporting Non-GAAP Profit Measures Policy

Risk Management Policy Statement

Shareholder Relations Policy

Stakeholder Relations Policy

Sustainability Policy

Whistleblower Policy