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We provide free EV charging stations across Auckland

By using a charging station, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.


EV app

Download our EV Charging station app - it's free!

The app will help you to find and get directions to EV chargers (from a range of providers), see the type of charger (standard or rapid charger) and port/socket types so you know which are compatible with your EV.

It also helps you to see the live status of Vector’s rapid chargers so you know if they are available, in use or out of order before you get there. Plus, you can use the filter to search for charging stations by port type, type of charger, and availability.
Have a question about our EV charging stations?

Have a question about our EV charging stations?

Whether it’s about our Rapid or Standard chargers, we’ve got the answers for you.
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