Dozens of Auckland schools connected to the Future of Energy

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Dozens of Auckland schools and home owners are saving on power and generating their own electricity, thanks to solar panels installed on their roofs.

Arranged by Vector and Entrust through a public “Future of Energy” competition, the solar systems have seen schools, community centres and home owners use free solar power, both when the sun is shining and when it’s not, via a Tesla Powerwall battery installed onsite.

With the first of the 130 installations commencing in 2016, schools and community centres which have been through a full 12 month cycle have seen reductions of up to 18 per cent in the amount of power paid for, compared to the previous 12 months. 
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Solar and battery installed at St Lukes Family Centre in Sandringham has helped lower their power bills
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Students at De la Salle College in Auckland southern suburb of Mangere with the Tesla Powerwall battery
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One year on, lower power bills for Eastgate Christian Centre in Pakuranga are helping them with their work with the community
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Jenn is able to save money and help the environment following installation of a solar and battery system last year
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Sue says it’s made a real difference to her power bills and it feels great to be able to use energy made right there at her home
But as one school found, the new systems have been generating more than just free power.

Kane Raukura, a teacher at De la Salle College in Auckland southern suburb of Mangere, said the school had installed a window display screen that gives students live updates on power generation.
It’s a great conversation starter. The students are very excited and interested to see where this technology is going.

Kane Raukura, Teacher at De la Salle College, Auckland

Deployments of solar panels and batteries at such a scale helps Vector to plan for the future when the technology is more widespread. 

Entrust Chairman, William Cairns said it was gratifying to see the solar systems making a real difference. 

“Entrust is committed to the interests of consumers and our beneficiaries and twelve months on, it’s great to see the impact solar has on power use”. 
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