Exporting our Expertise: Enhancing generation on the Alice Springs network

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Territory Generation has been investigating energy storage technology solutions for some time, as part of its major projects to replace ageing machinery in Alice Springs in an effort to assist with generation stabilisation.

Alice Springs has a high penetration of solar energy which can result in a highly variable load profile. Solar generation peaks mid-afternoon, which does not necessarily coincide with peak demand. Solar energy is also intermittent, especially during cloud cover.

Vector's solution was to install a 5MW battery system, which is a leading edge containerised solution that will help territory generation deliver more reliable power on the Alice Springs electricity network.
Vector will be responsible for the design, engineering, construction, and installation of the system and its ongoing maintenance. 

  • 5MW total storage capacity for 40 minutes 

  • Includes capacity to ‘absorb’ overloads into the system up to 7.5MW for 60 seconds 




Help with load management

The new battery will help Territory Generation deliver more reliable power by smoothing the solar on the network, assisting with management of major contingency events and reducing peak demands, particularly during summer. 

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What makes it unique

This battery, along with the installation at Glen Innes are currently among the largest grid-tied battery storage projects in Australasia.

The system has been specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions such a seismic disturbances with weatherproof cabinets and reinforced pads.


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