New energy technologies signal transformation: Independent Report

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SEANZ this month released an expert report commissioned to examine the impact for New Zealand of new energy technologies and “consumer centric electricity”

The report, by ITP Renewables Australia, starts from the premise that new energy technologies provide a wide variety of benefits to customers that go beyond simple financial returns. For example, with around 1 Megawatt of solar PV being added to New Zealand roofs each month, it is estimated that solar PV installed currently avoids about 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.  Helping this trend however is further US research which establishes that PV increases house values beyond the cost of installation.

The report sets out how Solar PV is just the first step being taken down the path of increased modernisation of consumer energy choice.  Further technologies, including battery storage, energy efficiency  and remote control of household appliances- all managed via mobile apps – will see customers having access to a variety of new options able to reduce their bills, enhance their lifestyles and enable personal contributions to greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The report calls for government and regulatory leadership to ensure all customers have access to new energy options as globally the electricity industry looks to transform itself. 

Read the report here

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