Vector Lights is getting a summertime spruce ahead of the Festive Season

Vector Lights
The solar and battery ‘peer-to-peer’ energy system which provides enough energy to power Vector Lights on Auckland’s Harbour Bridge has already produced a whopping 70,000 kilowatthours (kWh) of renewable, carbon-free energy since launching in January this year. It has also avoided adding more than 8.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

In preparation for Vector Lights shows over the festive season and into the new year, the first round of planned annual maintenance of the lighting fixtures on the bridge is underway.

Mandylights, who designed the Vector Lights installation, will have technicians checking each of the 96,373 LED fixtures and replacing any as necessary, to ensure the bridge is in tip top shape for 2019.

As anticipated, the lights came up against some pretty wild weather over the New Zealand winter. Mandylights Lighting Designer, Richard Neville and his team have learnt a lot about the environment and have been looking at ways to make the lights even stronger and more resilient.

Vector Lights continues to be an important and evolving cultural asset for Aucklanders to enjoy. Beyond that, it’s demonstrating how new and emerging energy technologies can play a huge role in shaping the future of our industry to make electricity networks more efficient, reduce carbon emissions and ensure our infrastructure can keep pace with rapid growth.

Look out for the upcoming Vector Lights shows which will celebrate the Festive Season as well as see us in to the New Year. Visit

About Vector Lights
Vector Lights uses renewable energy technology to deliver energy to Auckland Harbour Bridge.
  • Combination of solar, battery and peer-to-peer capabilities virtualise the connection between battery and the bridge and improve supply resiliency.

  • Energy generated by 248 solar panels on North Wharf is stored in a Tesla Powerpack battery the size of a shipping container at Wynyard Quarter. 

  • Smart meters at the battery and on the bridge, relay data every 10 seconds to ensure a constant balance of energy 

  • Each of the 96,373 LEDs making up Vector Lights can be individually programmed, allowing for an almost infinite array of designs and effects.