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Globally, the energy sector is being transformed through innovation and new technology. It’s one of the most exciting times to be involved in the industry and for you as a consumer.

Vector is embracing and leading this change. As Auckland's energy company we are committed to supporting its growth and providing innovative and efficient energy solutions to the tens of thousands of people from all over the world who choose Auckland as their new home each year. We must also deliver you the choice of how you want to receive, use and store your energy that new and emerging technology allows. In developing and delivering these solutions for Auckland, we can lead the way for our growth in other markets. 

How you receive, use and store your energy in 10 years’ time will be significantly different to now. Can you remember how your day played out before the iPhone was launched in 2007? How you had to physically go to the bank or sit at a desktop to transfer money, or how you got around in a new town before clicking open your Google maps app or how you had to get the camera out of its case, somehow find focus and then hope that precious moment was still there to be photographed. Ten years is not that long.

The demand for power over the coming years is unpredictable. Several factors, such as energy efficient appliances and better insulation, mean a traditional home’s energy demand is dropping. As well, individuals can generate and store their own electricity locally. And soon, via peer to peer trading apps, they’ll be able to choose to sell or buy power from their neighbours. 

On top of all that, global warming is placing limits on the amount of carbon society can afford to release into the atmosphere.  As the cost of carbon rises, increased economic pressure will encourage the shift to clean energy, which is already starting to happen. 

With a projected $2 billion of investment required to meet growth over the next 10 years, we know that the money can only be spent once and if we get it wrong, it’s the consumer who will suffer.  In this Age of Technology that is steamrolling over traditional operating models it’s about making the right choices and providing customers options to support Auckland’s long term interests. 

As New Zealand biggest energy distributor we own the need to lead the adoption of clean energy technology to improve the network, reduce Auckland’s carbon footprint and ensure the region can grow with the times.

The newly lit harbour bridge will be a symbol of the new times we are entering. It is the first main bridge in the world to have all its lighting needs fully met by solar and battery technology. For us, we hope it serves as a reminder to you and Aucklanders that times are changing, that Vector understands that change and that you will not be left behind.

Vector, in partnership with Auckland Council and in collaboration with the NZ transport agency, is excited to be lighting the Harbour Bridge with smart energy technology.  This article is one in a series about the Vector Lights project. See more here.

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