Cyclone Gabrielle: 13 Feb 6.30pm update

Media Releases
Vector media update 13 Feb 6.30pm
Our crews continue to work in terrible conditions to restore homes and businesses, where they can do so safely. But, as we head towards nightfall, this will become more difficult and there will be some outages that will not be safe to work on.
The worsening weather across much of the Auckland region has brought a rise in power outages, to 22,000 as of 6pm. To give some context, we have more than 600,000 electricity customers. We expect the number without power to continue to fluctuate, up and down, as it has throughout the day.
This means some families will need to prepare for a night without power. We know this is not only frustrating, but can be upsetting for some people, and we thank them for their patience and understanding.
We would like to repeat the importance of everyone staying safe and remind them to stay well away from fallen power lines or damaged electrical equipment, and to treat them as live at all times. ​
People using medical equipment that relies on electricity should let their retailer know if they are without power. If there is an immediate health threat, they should contact their health provider or call 111.​
To report an outage or check an address for an outage go to:

Our next update will be around 8.30am tomorrow.