Interest rate for Capital Bonds

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Vector Limited (Vector) announced today that the interest rate on its Capital Bonds (VCT080) for the period from 15 June 2022 until the next election date on 15 June 2027 will be 6.23% per annum.  The ticker for the Capital Bonds will change to “VCT110”.

Under the new conditions of the Capital Bonds, the interest rate was set at or about 3pm on 14 June 2022 as the higher of (i) 5.50% per annum and (ii) the 5 year swap rate plus the issue margin of 1.80% per annum. 

The 5 year swap rate at or about 3pm on 14 June 2022 was 4.43% per annum. Therefore, the interest rate on the Capital Bonds has been set at 6.23% per annum.

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