Sharing is caring: new restrictions on EV chargers

We’ve had a lot of feedback about a few EV drivers parked far too long at our charging stations, stopping access for others. While it’s fantastic to see many people wanting to use the stations, it’s important everyone has a fair chance to charge up. 

In light of this, we’re introducing restrictions in a few high demand sites, being the chargers at the Newmarket Substation, McDonald’s Greenlane, and Hobson Street Substation. 

Restrictions at high demand sites:

  • P30 for rapid charging

  • P120 for standard charging

  • No parking if you are not charging

  • Not for commercial use

Vehicles in breach of the restrictions may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Based on the charging patterns we’ve seen so far, we consider these reasonable charging times.  We’ll keep an eye on our other sites, and if required we will introduce restrictions there as well. 

Here’s a tip: EV etiquette

Download the Vector EV App and check in if your using a charging station. On the Vector EV App you can now check in, indicate how long you plan to charge for, and leave your name and number so that other EV drivers can contact you if they need to.