Update regarding CBD and Parnell outage on 23 January

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Vector acknowledges that any power outage can be an inconvenience to our customers and we will always work as quickly and as safely as we can to restore services to them. In terms of yesterday’s outage, our focus currently is to continue responding directly to customers affected. 
Given the nature of this fault Vector is still investigating definitively what caused it. The amount of infrastructure works being carried out in the CBD at present means we are frequently reconfiguring our network to support third-parties as they carry out various upgrades and maintenance activities. Our initial assessment has us focusing our investigation around our network protection system which activated, causing the outage. We are still investigating why it activated. 
Our published residential service standards explain that outages lasting for less than two hours in the CBD do not meet the threshold for compensation. After we were first alerted to the outage, our crews worked as quickly as they safely could to restore power. We were successful in fully restoring power to all CBD customers within 48 minutes of the initial disruption. All customers in Parnell had their power restored within 1 hour and 33 minutes. 

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