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Please request a gas disconnection from your energy retailer


You should request a temporary or permanent gas disconnection from your gas retailer. This form is only to be used if you don't know the gas retailer.‚Äč


Important Removals and Disconnections Information

  • For your own safety, you must always have the electricity and gas services disconnected before you demolish or remove a building.

  • Please complete an Application For Removal or Disconnection form – for gas  - before you start work.

  • Under no circumstances should demolition proceed until written clearance has been received from Vector.

  • To ensure efficient processing of your request, please submit one new disconnection request for each gas connection.

  • Please contact your retailer to arrange a final gas meter reading.

Time taken to process the application and disconnect the service (from the date the quote is accepted):

  • Gas disconnections will include the removal of the gas network riser and the gas meter:

    • Standard gas disconnections - 10 working days

    • Non-standard gas disconnections - Where resource consent or steel disconnections are required - up to 20 working days (quoteable charges may apply)

Applicant details

Is the applicant a:* :


Disconnection details

Reason for removal*:

Nature of property*:


Removal or disconnection address details

Are there tenants in the building?*:

Have all tenants been advised?*:

Contact person information at removal or disconnection address


Alternative contact person information at removal or disconnection address
(insert N/A if not applicable)


Property owner details

By submitting this application to remove or disconnect an electrical service and or gas supply, you accept and agree that you have:

  • supplied all relevant information in support of your application and that all such information is accurate; and
  • read, understood and agree to the “Important Removal and Disconnections Information” at the top of this section.

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