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Take Care Around Transformers

Transformers can be found beside the road or up power poles. They change electricity's voltage to a lower voltage, before the power goes inside our homes. It does this by transferring electric energy from one circuit to another.
Transformers are important in moving electricity around – like from a power station to your home.

The transformers at a power station increase the voltage of the electricity to levels that are needed for efficient distribution through our national grid (the transmission lines). Transformers on the local electricity distribution lines reduce the voltage so that it can be used in homes and businesses. There are even transformers in appliances – for instance TVs and computers need higher voltages than a doorbell.

Transformers carry a lot of electricity so you must never play near or on them. Service pillars are also common. They connect customers to Vector's underground cables in the street.


Look out for danger signs on electrical equipment

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