Vector's schools programme links directly to The New Zealand Curriculum through the topics. The information covers the key competencies of Thinking, Managing Self, and Using Language, Symbols and Texts as well as the values of Innovation, Inquiry and Ecological Sustainability.

The Stay Safe around Electricity section is suitable for years 3-6 and links directly to Levels 2, 3 and 4 in Health and Physical Education and Science in the New Zealand School Curriculum.

The Be Sustainable section is suitable for years 5-8 and links directly to Levels 3 and 4) in in Science, Mathematics and Statistics and Technology in the New Zealand School Curriculum.

The glossary helps students become familiar with the language and symbols of science and technology.


Our school presentations and workbooks

Each free, interactive one-hour presentation includes visual displays and a website demonstration. Our children's educator ensures the students have the opportunity to be involved in a number of exercises and engage in discussion. Take a look at the video to see how it works.


The Stay Safe around Electricity presentation covers: the way in which electricity flows to their schools and homes, electrical hazards and introductory concepts of conductors and insulators. A 20-page Stay Safe around Electricity workbook is provided for every student attending a presentation.

The Be Sustainable with Energy presentation covers: the forms and sources of energy, what makes them renewable and non-renewable, the impact on the environment from production and through the use of energy, and the ways to use energy efficiently at home and school. A 20-page Be Sustainable with Energy workbook is provided for every student attending a presentation.

Electricity and Sustainability presentations and workbooks are free to schools on Vector's electricity network in Auckland.



At the end of our Electricity and Sustainability workbooks pupils are asked to complete either a home safety or home energy inspection checklist. Once they complete this and have it signed by an adult, you can award them with a Watt certificate to recognise their good work. You can download and print certificates from the links below:


Liven up your lessons!

We have a number of resources readily available for you to use and incorporate as part of your lesson plans. Please feel free to browse the experiments below. Once you have found one you would like to try, simply download and print. Each experiment comes with a list of the basic materials required and easy to follow step-by-step instructions:

Colouring fun - a popular choice for  younger years

We also have some downloadable Watt colouring pages that are available to print at the click of a button, as well as a ‘Watt-to-dot' for pupils who want to have fun joining up the dots to make Watt, before colouring him in:

x Watt bot icon