Mt Albert undergrounding project

The Mt Albert undergrounding project started in October 2019 and it is expected to finish by the end of 2021. In total, 166 power poles have been removed and the overhead wires have been replaced with new underground cables and Auckland Transport streetlights. The area covered by this programme of work is shown below:

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Will my power supply be affected?

The power supply in the area should not be affected by the work, except for where a change over from overhead to underground service to a property is required. A short power outage will be needed for each property to complete this process. Customers will be consulted in advance.

How long will your crews be working outside my property?

The works should only directly affect the road frontage outside each property for a small amount of the construction period.

How will the work be carried out?

Hours of work are expected to be between 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday, though some work outside of these hours may be necessary from time to time.


All existing overhead services will be removed and placed underground as a part of this project.


Directional drilling will be used to install ducts wherever possible and will take place in sections along the project route. This will involve an excavation at the start and end of each drilling length and potholes at intervals. Excavations will mostly be in the footpath area.


Trenches may also be required in certain areas. These may remain open for several days until the cables are installed.


Material items such as drums of conductor may be seen laid out at various points along the site.

Will traffic flow be affected?

To ensure a safe and smooth flow of traffic, full traffic management plans are in place for the area. The work sites have been designed so that pedestrians will still be able to pass by the works. In most cases, the directional flow of both traffic lanes will be maintained.

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