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Located in Marlborough New Zealand, Dominion Salt produces salt products for a variety of uses.
Dominion Salt is a large consumer of power, which justified the installation of a 660kVA wind turbine in 2014.

The Challenge:
Excess power generated by the wind turbine was being sold back to the grid at a low price. Dominion Salt approached Vector to provide a solution for storing excess power for them it use at peak times, avoiding the cost of buying power from the grid at those times. 
The site is in a unique natural environment which experiences varied and extreme weather conditions, including earthquakes, so they needed something that’s durable and makes them less reliant on the grid. 

Vector’s Solution:
Vector developed a solution that would satisfy Dominion Salt’s current requirements and allow for future developments. The solution incorporates a Vector Energy Management System, Tesla Powerpack battery and other protection and communication components. The system is integrated to the existing wind turbine, Dominion Salt’s site control system and Vector’s operating centre, which allows for real-time monitoring and control.

Vector designed, installed and commissioned the solution and will continue monitoring throughout project lifecycle. 

Battery Specifications:
250kW / 570 kWh – enough to power 19 houses for a day.


More efficient energy usage

the new energy storage system will enable more efficient use of the renewable energy generated from the wind turbine, while any excess energy can be stored for later use. 

Less reliance on the grid

The system is designed to provide around 75% of the site’s energy needs. This is important given the rural location and seismic environment. 

Help with load management

Energy generation from wind turbines as well as other renewable energy sources can be intermittent.
The energy management system will help with the ‘firming or smoothing’ of the energy supply, switching in when required. So even if the wind is constantly changing the energy supply remains consistent. 

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What makes it unique

This is the first time in Australasia that a Tesla Powerpack has been connected to a wind turbine.

The system has been specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions such a seismic disturbances with weatherproof cabinets and reinforced pads.

Vector and Dominion Salt
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