Electric truck trial provides key insights into low emissions transport


Electric vehicles, including trucks, will play an increasing role in decarbonisation as New Zealand transitions towards a more resilient and low emissions society.
Vector Ongas recently participated in a one-year trial by integrating a fully-electric Fuso eCanter truck into its fleet of delivery vehicles. The truck was used to deliver LPG cylinders to Vector Ongas’ Auckland customers.
The trial set out to create a cleaner, greener approach to urban deliveries and was co-funded by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).
The Vector Ongas eCanter truck has been driven more than 6,300km, saving an estimated 7.5 tonnes of carbon emissions (tCO2e) when compared to a similar-sized diesel truck. That’s the equivalent of driving a petrol car the length of New Zealand 14 times or 26 return flights between Auckland and Wellington. 
Vector Ongas driver Larni Hiku says the truck is “quiet and smooth to drive when compared to a normal diesel truck.” The smaller eCanter also proved much easier to navigate around tight corners and down narrow streets than the larger trucks typically used to deliver LPG cylinders.
The trial also provided key information about the operation of electric trucks for daily delivery runs.
Mark Toner, chief public policy and regulatory officer at Vector, says ”The trial provided valuable insights about electricity usage that will inform the wider sector as it transitions into electric vehicles" and will “help improve air quality by feeding into emission reduction strategies in Auckland.”