EV Network Integration

Industry Perspectives

This Green Paper represents Vector’s contribution to the evolving discussion around electric vehicle (EV) adoption in New Zealand .

With the government target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and with a likely significant reliance on EVs to achieve this goal, it is timely to consider and debate the infrastructure, regulatory, and pricing frameworks to effectively and equitably enable EV uptake.

Co-ordination and knowledge development are essential to support the transition to high EV penetration and avoid duplication cost, ex-post interventions, as well as developing a positive public image of EVs and EV charging infrastructure. 

Left unaddressed, tipping points for significant network upgrade investment can be expected to have either large cost implications for consumers or eventuate in physical constraints -  preventing customers from charging their EVs at home. 

Vector believes that neither scenario will be acceptable from a customer, government or industry perspective. As such, we hope this paper prompts an early and forward-looking conversation that explores initiatives and potential interventions that can avoid either outcome. 

The objective of the Green paper is to:

  • examine the potential long-term network impact of widespread EV charging;

  • identify options that both Government and industry could consider to minimise the significant infrastructure investment implications; and

  • ensure all stakeholder can make informed decisions to enable customer choice in the uptake of EVs in New Zealand in the short and longer term. 

Read the full Green Paper here

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