Tesla Powerwall

As the largest and most cost effective battery provider in the world, Tesla is the ideal partner and will help us revolutionise the way customers consume energy.

Tesla's batteries can be used in wide variety of applications, including to complement solar energy management systems and provide a backup power supply.

Getting the most out of solar with Tesla Powerwall
Solar panels make electricity when the sun shines on them (even on cloudy days) so you get the most out of solar if you are at home and using appliances during the day - but with Tesla Powerwall you can now store the energy you've made and use it when you need it e.g. at night when the sun goes down and people are home with most appliances running.

Back-up power supply
Tesla Powerwall can be used as a backup power source for some appliances in your home or small business.

Time of use
Tesla Powerwall can reduce the need to use carbon emitting fuels such as gas and coal to generate electricity.
Customers also benefit as the cost of energy is often higher at peak times. These savings are available where a customer's retailer offers ‘time of use’ pricing – as that's how they can be rewarded for using power outside of peak times.

Tesla Powerwall specifications and capacity

Tesla Powerwall specifications and capacity

Tesla Powerwall can be installed inside or outside. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a liquid thermal management system, a battery management system and a smart DC-DC converter for controlling power flow.<br />
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See our <a href="/getattachment/Personal/Batteries/Tesla-Powerwall-Frequently-asked-questions-website.pdf?lang=en-NZ">FAQs</a> for more information or visit the <a href="http://www.teslamotors.com/powerwall" target="_blank">Tesla Energy website</a>.&nbsp;