Cyclone Gabrielle: 17 Feb 8am update

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Media update
As of 8am, around 8,000 homes and businesses remain without power. Since Tuesday afternoon, we have reconnected 34,000 customers, and our crews continue to work tirelessly to the get the power back on for all Aucklanders across our network. 
We are working closely with authorities to help us gain access to communities that remain cut off due to road slips and fallen trees. Some areas continue to have slips and given the condition of the land, we need to factor this into our timeframes and safety for our crews.  
There is a lot of damage out there, which means significant planning is required to provide an estimated restoration time for our customers. Some communities will receive these times sooner than others, but for those more rural areas, we are aiming to do this as quickly as the conditions allow us to do so. 
To ensure we are not providing misleading information to customers, we need to be confident in our timeframes of how and when we can get to certain areas to get these communities back up and running.  We want to give people realistic timeframes rather than disappoint if we are overly optimistic. We are still finding that some faults have multiple issues which we do not discover until work starts which makes precise restoration times challenging and changeable in some cases.
We have information about the restoration process across the Auckland region and have created a map and table to give an overview of what to expect within the 12 zones of our Vector network. -
The information is updated at the end of each day, to provide more precise information as our crews are able to access, assess and carry out the restoration work. 
There are around a thousand people working on this response at Vector who are all highly motivated to get the power back on for customers as quickly and safely as possible. We ask the public to please give our crews space and kindness so that they can focus on the task in hand. 
To report an outage or check an address for an outage go to: