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Last updated 28/02/2023 5PM

We are happy to say we are now at the tail end of our Cyclone Gabriel restoration work. At this stage we have now moved on from our two information tables and are phoning or texting customers directly.  

Recent outage 
If your power is out, but only went off recently and is not related to Cyclone Gabrielle, please register your outage or phone us on 0800 VECTOR and we will attend to it as soon as we can. 


Power Restoration Explainer – 7 steps

Step 1 step1 High-voltage sub-transmission lines
Step 2 step2 Zone substations
Step 3 step3 Essential services
Step 4 step4 Neighbourhoods
Step 5 step5 Service lines
Step 6 step6 Hot water
Step 1 step1High-voltage sub-transmission lines
High-voltage sub-transmission lines We prioritise repairs to the main sub-transmission lines (high-voltage lines) since these service large areas of the network and a very high number of customers
Step 2 step2Zone substations
Zone substations We must repair damage to zone substations before we can restore service to neighbourhoods, individual homes or businesses.
Step 3 step3Essential services
Essential services We work with emergency services to restore supply (sometimes on a temporary basis using emergency generation) to essential services such as hospitals, community support centres, schools, communication equipment or water supply systems.
Step 4 step4Neighbourhoods
Neighbourhoods We repair lines and equipment to systematically return service to the largest number of customers in the least amount of time in affected neighbourhoods. This includes repairs to hot water load control systems if affected.
Step 5 step5Service lines
Service lines If power to a home is still off (within a restored neighbourhood), there may be an issue with the service line, which is your personal line that connects to your house. This line is the homeowner’s responsibility. Contact a registered electrician.
Step 6 step6Hot water
Hot water Once we have restored hot water load control systems,(see 4), if you still don’t have hot water, there may be an issue with your service pilot wire. Contact a registered electrician.