Cyclone Gabrielle: 18 Feb 8am update

Media Releases

Vector media update 18 Feb 830am
As of 8am, around 5,500 homes and businesses remain without power, with more than 36,500 restored since Tuesday afternoon. We have around 1000 people working on repairing the network, and we will continue this effort to the get the power back on for all Aucklanders as quickly as we can. 
We’re continuing to work closely with other authorities around accessing parts of the network badly impacted by existing slips and ground conditions, and areas where new access issues are still appearing. This is a significant factor in getting through repairs quickly and safely. 
We know it’s difficult for people still without power, and that certainty over what to expect helps people make plans. Unfortunately, we are still finding that some outages involve multiple issues which we do not discover until work starts, which makes restoration times challenging and changeable in some cases.
However, where we are able to provide estimated restoration times, we are doing so. Some communities will receive these times sooner than others. 
For everyone, we have general information about the restoration process across the Auckland region and have created a map and table to give an overview of what to expect within the 12 zones of our Vector network:
The information is updated at the end of each day, to provide more precise information as our crews are able to access, assess and carry out the restoration work. 
We ask the public to please give our crews space and kindness so that they can focus on the task in hand. 
To report an outage or check an address for an outage go to: