Registrations of Interest (ROI) for non-wires alternative in wider Warkworth region

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Vector is seeking Registrations of Interest (ROI) from suitably qualified suppliers (Respondents) who are interested in delivering a non-wires alternative (NWA) in the wider Warkworth region.

Non-wires alternative (NWA) is a catch-all term for an electricity network investment or project that uses non-traditional solutions - for example distributed generation, energy storage, demand-side management, demand response, and digital network software and controls - to defer or replace the need for specific equipment upgrades, such as lines, cables or transformers, by reducing load at a substation or circuit level.  

Vector has identified the need for investment in the area to prepare for significant growth, which has been forecast in coming years. Access to the region will improve considerably once work on extending the Northern motorway just north of Warkworth is complete, and changes to the urban boundary are expected to open up new land for development. As a result, the number of customers Vector will serve is forecast to grow from 16,000 at present to 25,000 over the next 30 years. 

This is a high-profile opportunity to integrate a new non-wires alternative into New Zealand’s largest electricity network, in an area of high growth and customer demand. As such, it represents a chance for the successful respondent/s to truly shape the future market for new network solutions elsewhere in Auckland and around New Zealand, which will be crucial in New Zealand’s transition to reliable, clean and affordable energy systems.

For full details on the opportunity, please read the ROI document below.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Read the full Registration on Interest (ROI)

Download the editable response form


Deadline for questions from Respondents: 16 February 2022
ROI closes: 23 February 2022 6pm