Planting smart around power lines

Power lines and trees can get along – if you choose the right species and plant them the right distance from the lines.

  • Buy smart – use our table of species or buy plants with similar growth habits

  • If in doubt ask your local nursery for help – let them know where you live to help with suitable species selection

  • Our species list is a guide only. It is made up of hardy, adaptable, easy to grow and buy species that are also good for wildlife from bees to birds.

  • And remember, before planting a tree, look up and look out for power lines.

Tree Selection and Planting Guide


Vector Urban Forest
Vector Urban Forest is a promise from Vector to plant two native trees for every tree we cut down to protect Auckland’s powerlines. It’s about working together to look after our power, our trees and our communities. Find out more by watching the video below or see the summary article

Suitable trees and other vegetation for planting under or near power lines (within 8M)

See something we should know about?

See something we should know about?

If you see a tree growing into our network lines, please report it and we will send someone out to inspect it. You can get in touch with us by email or phone by clicking below